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1.Name: Jordan
2.Age: 15
3.Birthday: June*24
4.Sign: Cancer
5.Eye color: Hazel
6.Where do you live: LA
7.Dating status: SINGLE <333
8.Occupation (if you got one): still in High School

Favorite Things
9.Favorite band: well..I have Ashlee Simpson, X-Tina, YellowCard, Usher..some others
10.Favorite color: Pink
11.Favorite food: pizza, pasta, & chocolate
12.Things that annoy you: burping..& two-faced people..eww
13.Things you love: my friends, sports, music, cell phone, internet, shopping, A&F, Hollister, Wet Seal, Coach, Louis Vuitton, Chad Michael Murray..

Our randomness
14.Why should we let you in, bitch?: Because I'm alluring!!
15.What religion are you? Baptist
16.Girls what would you do if you were a boy for a day/ Boys what would you do if your a girl for a day? hmm..i dont know...never thought about it
17.What do you want to name your kids? Girl: Stacey ?& Boy: Kagen Lane
18.What are you afraid of? dieing
19.What do you think about Richard Simons? never heard of him
20.Make up a word right now and tell us what it means..  Bashikies: it means shit
21.Give us a quote you live by. Live each day as if it were your last.

Pictures: on the right

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