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Application. ..*



Theresa Marie
2.Age: 17 (( soon to be 18! :] ))
3.Birthday: October 26th, 1986
4.Sign: Scorpio baby!
5.Eye color: Blue-Green-Hazel-Grayish (( they change lol ))
6.Where do you live: Long Island, NY
7.Dating status: Single
8.Occupation (if you got one): College Student

Favorite Things

9.Favorite band: Oh man so many! But to name a couple: Blink182, Good Charlotte, Yellow Card, Story of the Year.
10.Favorite color: Purple!
11.Favorite food:
Oh jeez, I love food how can I choose one! But I'll have to say anything Italian! :]
12.Things that annoy you: People who are concieted, People who pretend to be drunk or high jsut to look cool (( well fake people in general ))
13.Things you love: My friends and family! Dancing, Eating (( haha :-x )), Movies, Music, Just walking somewhere talking about everything with a friend!, stargazing!

Our randomness
14.Why should we let you in, bitch?:
Hmm, good question! Because I'm alluring? maybe lol
15.What religion are you? Roman Catholic
16.Girls what would you do if you were a boy for a day/ Boys what would you do if your a girl for a day? Good question yet again, maybe figure out what the big deal about wearing pants under the ass is. haha
17.What do you want to name your kids? Girl- Alexis or Chloe, Boy- Dylan or Dominick
18.What are you afraid of? CLOWNS! (( i know you are all laughing, its been a fear since I was like 4 years old lol ::sigh of embarassment, lol::
19.What do you think about Richard Simons? Is that the work out guy? lol if so, needs a major hair cut!
20.Make up a word right now and tell us what it means. Shnokies, lol! form of 'Sure' and 'Ok', i guess? lol ::giggles::
21.Give us a quote you live by. "Cherish everything today because it might not be there tomorrow" and "Look forward to nothing; whatever happens, happens"


Say Cheese!:

 Just hangin out in the car hah


 i tried resizing it because it was super huge but it messed up my eyes and one looks bigger than the other, or it could just be me, ::sigh:: my eyes arent weird i promise. (( i know i look like major different from first pic, its because 1-my freckles come out more during summer, 2- hair is cut, 3- no make up! ))


me just being a dork haha!! lol


 my buddy felix, me, and my buddy mike hangin out...wow i look weird in that pic... lol


 me and my friend laura at our prom! :]


 me bored after school one day lol


 umm, just a random picture lol


ok thats all. don't want to put too many pics in lol. hope you like! If not, thanks anyways! :]


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