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1.Name: Brooke
2.Age: 19
3.Birthday: April 11
4.Sign: Aries
5.Eye color: Dark brown
6.Where do you live: Mississippi
7.Dating status: Taken (1 year and 4 months)
8.Occupation (if you got one): College student (it's pretty much an

Favorite Things
9.Favorite band: At the moment, either Maroon 5 or Hawthorne Heights
10.Favorite color: Pink
11.Favorite food: Pizza
12.Things that annoy you: Bad spelling/grammar, immaturity, people who leave their turn signals on for miles and miles...
13.Things you love: Animals, tennis, webdesign, cars...

Our randomness
14.Why should we let you in, bitch?: Because I'd do my part in the community.
15.What religion are you? Christian
16.Girls what would you do if you were a boy for a day/ Boys what would you do if your a girl for a day? I'm not really sure; I've never actually thought about it. I wouldn't want to be a'd be too weird.
17.What do you want to name your kids? Boy- Max (my boyfriend is the 4th, so we'd probably carry the name on for another generation). Girl- not sure.
18.What are you afraid of? Spiders, deep water, heights, tons of stuff...
19.What do you think about Richard Simons? He kinda freaks me out. He shouldn't wear such tight clothes either.
20.Make up a word right now and tell us what it means. Yeshers. It means yes...? Haha that was a weird question.
21.Give us a quote you live by. I don't really have one.

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